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Selective Velor Varnish Application Technology

08 января 2018

How is it useful?
The effect is intended primarily for cardboard packaging, to which it is able to give originality that attracts the attention of customers.

How much does it cost?
When creating a "soft-touch" effect using WD-varnish, the cost will increase by 10-20% (depending on the print run). While creating the same effect using, for example, lamination cover, the cost will increase by 200-300%.

Can I take a look at a sample?
Yes! The described effect is difficult to convey with words or with photos. We suggest you check it yourself visually and tactually. Contact us and we will send you samples!

What do you need to get such a product?
Just contact your manager or the development manager, Dvortsova Anastasia, at And we will make an exclusive product just for you!